How Does It Work?

Dynu In Media offers a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) advertising network with high-quality, targeted traffic, creative solutions, and a dedicated team of account managers to maximize the results of your campaign. You only pay for verified sales, leads or other customer-creating action, so there is no risk to you. We design, develop, and implement customized marketing, lead generation, and performance-based campaigns to drive qualified customers to our clients.

Services We Provide


Anti-Fraud Technologies

Quality metrics based on click scoring and blocking based on IP database of Forensiq™ and IpQualityScore.

Internal IP and CR control platform that would automatically block sources if CR is too high for non-incent or too low for incent campaigns.


Brand awareness and customer acquisition

Increase your online exposure with no risk. We are Cost Per Action based, you only pay for the result you desire.


Data translated into revenue

We leverage your Return on Investment (ROI) by turning your campaign data into actionable insights, which are anchored to numerous optimization and analytics tools. By employing our highly selective Partners, you empower your marketing funnel to generate your business in a profitable way.


Maximize campaign performance

Our Internal media buying team is dedicated to a user-defined content designed especially to drive quality traffic on social and native channels.


Quality Publisher

Comprehend what is greatest influential to the customer - a reliable network with authentic traffic and consistent capacity from both internal & external sources - so that is what we are delivering.