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Driven to give you the maximum results, there are four core factors that will make you excited to work with us:

An abundance of publishers

An abundance of publishers and the speed of processing work are our competitive advantage. Therefore, you can start advertising your product to millions of target customers within just a few days.

respect your wishes

If your brand demands G-Rated family sites, you’ll never see a banner on anything else. If you won’t tolerate pop-unders, Publishers are compelled by contract to respect your wishes.

permission to display your ads

As an Advertiser with Dynu In Media, even Publishers can choose which Advertisers to run. You are allowed to choose who has permission to display your ads.

control over your campaigns

Finally, you have total control over your campaigns from A to Z. All creative and placements are subject to your terms and conditions.

Do You Want to Experience A Professional Procedure?

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A global Affiliate Network that owns various successful campaigns in a wide range of verticals (including E-commerce, Market Research, Sweepstakes, Finance, Health & Beauty, and Education); Dynu In Media helps you increase sales, leads, sign-ups, or any other action you deem critical to evolve your brand. Primarily, we give you control by ensuring you only pay for the action that brings you real results.

With various Publishers combined with an experienced support team, we guarantee that working with Dynu In Media is a smart way that boosts your traffic effectively.

Why do business
with us?


High-quality Publishers and authentic traffic are what Dynu In Media delivers.


We own highly selective partners that allow you to empower your marketing funnel to generate your business in a profitable way. Besides, since we are Cost-Per-Action-based, you only pay for the action that you define.


Anti-Fraud Technologies are available in our management system. Internal IP and CR control platform that would automatically block sources if CR is too high for non-incent or too low for incent campaigns.


In addition, prompt support is our top priority. Our team sustains reliable relationships with our partners, ensuring that all the problems will be addressed at hand once the issue emerges.


In brief, it’s time to maximize campaign performance and increase your online exposure with no risk!

A chance for our cooperation,
a future with no regrets!

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Blue Book

A Voyage Through Industry Conferences

Dynu In Media actively engages in the industry’s most significant conferences and also hosts our own events and meetups. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate business meetings in both Asia and America.

100 employees

10 years of experience

100 employees

10 years of experience