Start Earning Money From Your Web Site Traffic And Join The Dynu In Media.

Dynu In Media proprietary tracking technology, industry leading expertise, and access to exclusive campaigns, allow publishers to more effectively monetize their online efforts with a trusted partner.

What we have

Friendly 24/7 support

With dedicated and qualified AM team, we go an extra mile to provide you with clear, insightful assistance and make sure all your concerns are resolved promptly.

Visual real-time report

User friendly platform and effective tracking system support publishers manage their performance intuitively with real-time statistics, multiple reports types and features like postback tracking, campaign report.

Access to 600+ offer

Our campaigns are direct/ semi-direct with a variety of verticals, including SOI Sweepstakes, SOI Leadgen, Extension, Survey, Insurance, Loan, PIN submit, CC submit, Health & Beauty, Gaming, Cashback offers with US, EU GEOs mostly.

Exclusive offers with high PO

We have worked directly with advertisers and hand select offers to ensure the highly competitive payouts and strongly conversions. With more than +600 offers in our database. We are more than prepared to give you the best condition to earn maximum from your traffic.

On-time Payment

Net-25 is available payment at Dynu In Media. Making publisher’s payment on time is our Top-priority and we have never missed a single payment ever.

Minimum Payout

There are a variety of payment methods at Dynu In Media, and base on the average fee of payment methods. We would like to inform that the minimum amount that can be paid out must exceed US$50 in a given billing period. In addition, for those who wish to be paid through Wire, the minimum payout is $ 300 due to higher processing fees.

Payment method

There are 3 methods of payment for now. We could pay for publishers via Wire, PayPal and Payoneer. Let’s Choose the method that meets your needs. All commissions are paid in $USD or $VND ( Vietnam currency)

Payment Term

Apart from Net-25 payment term, Dynu In Media also offers expedited payment plans to our trusted partners. We always give priority to those who could generate a High quality traffic which have been confirmed by our advertisers. After the first payment is launched, they will be turned into on NET-15 and bi-weekly payment term

Anti-Fraud Tool

We use a combination of proprietary tools to prevent your traffic from being exposed to fraud. We will make sure you are always well-converted.