What’s a 7-Day EPC?

EPC stands for Earnings Per Click and is displayed on all Dynu In Media’s campaigns. It’s an average revenue publisher earn on a particular campaign and is calculated on a per-click basis. This number isn’t a guarantee of how much a publisher will earn by promoting an offer but is simply a tool for publishers … Read more

Why is it I’m not seeing any leads generated at my end although I’ve sent a good amount of traffic?

There are some possible reasons why this could happen. These include but are not limited to, surfers pixel/postback error, visiting a campaign page through another affiliate link, surfers entering invalid data, surfers not fully completing the signup, surfer data not matching campaign demographic requirements, etc. Please contact your assigned Affiliate Manager for further assistance.

I’m not using my affiliate account. Can I sell or transfer it?

No, you may not. It is grounds for account termination or worse. The only people interested in acquiring dormant affiliate accounts do so with the intent of defrauding advertisers. If a publisher sells their account, they’re likely assisting someone in committing a crime and are subject to potential litigation. Dynu In Media fully supports advertisers … Read more