We are an affiliate network specializing in CPA, CPL, CPC campaigns. Having experience in the field since 2010 and in operation officially from the early of 2019, we are in the progress of reaching remarkable achievements. Accompanying with the current dedicated associates and solid foundation, we are confident to say that we are one of the potential & respected partners in the industry.

We are engaging a variety of markets, especially in the US, EU and are always looking to expand into new ones. Our current main verticals include Sweepstakes (SOI/DOI/CC, trial submit/ Pin submit ), Survey, Insurance, Bizoop, Health & Beauty, Extension, Gaming, Cashback, etc.

We own and allow almost all kinds of traffic, but whether it’s eligible for a specific campaign will depend on the respective advertiser’s promotion rules and restrictions. Main traffic types we are working include display (banners), push, native, search, social media, email. 

Our default payment terms are Monthly NET25 and the minimum amount that can be paid out must exceed US$50 in a given billing period. Dynu In Media also offers expedited payment plans to our trusted partners, such as Net15 or even more frequent ones in specific cases. Please contact your affiliate manager for more details on your eligibility for these terms.

We can send your payments via Wire Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer. Invoice is requested to be submitted to our Accountant at accounting@dynuinmedia.com before the 25th monthly.

Yes, you can add a global postback on your account or individual postbacks on selected campaigns and events. You can also use our testing functionality to make sure your postback is set up properly without having to make an actual transaction.

EPC stands for Earnings Per Click and is displayed on all Dynu In Media’s campaigns. It’s an average revenue publishers are earnings on a particular campaign and is calculated on a per-click basis. This number isn’t a guarantee of how much a publisher will earn by promoting an offer but is simply a tool for publishers to gauge their potential interest in running a campaign and evaluate their conversion possibilities compared to the average across the network.

There are some possible reasons why this could happen. Those include, but are not limited to surfers pixel/postback error, visiting a campaign page through another affiliate link, surfers entering invalid data, surfers not fully completing the signup, surfer data not matching campaign demographic requirements, etc. Please contact your assigned Affiliate Manager for further assistance.

Scrubbing is when an advertiser doesn’t pay for invalid or duplicate leads. For example, while a publisher might have generated 100 raw sign ups to a campaign, 10 were already in the advertiser’s database and 10 more contained bad data. So out of those 100 sign ups, 80 were valid leads and 20 were scrubbed. Shaving is when an advertiser doesn’t pay for leads which would otherwise be valid but is attempting to increase their profit on a campaign. Dynu In Media does not accept advertiser lead shaving.

No, we do not. Dynu In Media is completely dependent on an advertiser identifying when a lead/sale is valid. We commit to keep everything transparent with you. When an Advertiser scrub leads, we would request a report with reasonings, and investigation results to pass to the publisher who has sent those leads.

No, you may not. It is grounds for account termination or worse. The only people interested in acquiring dormant affiliate accounts do so with the intent of defrauding advertisers. If a publisher sells their account, they’re likely assisting someone in committing a crime and are subject to potential litigation. Dynu In Media fully supports advertisers and law enforcement agencies in their attempts to prosecute for fraud. If you don’t want your affiliate account anymore, simply tell your Affiliate Manager and we’ll close it for you.

No, this is directly against Dynu In Media ‘s affiliate terms and conditions. Just like selling your affiliate account, the bulk of those interested in joint ventures do so with intent of defrauding advertisers. A publisher is solely responsible for the leads generated on a campaign. Should the second party in the joint venture generate fraudulent leads, it’s the publisher who risks account termination and litigation, not the second party.


There is no direct contact between publishers and advertisers. All contact goes through the network. Publishers come to  Dynu In Media specifically for the benefit of having a single contact point for multiple sponsorship opportunities. The advertiser has access to the type of traffic, see placement photos, and you’ll be able to see which pages are running your offer (s) if our source agrees to share. However, if you have a list of sites or categories of sites that you do not wish to promote your offer(s), just let us know and we will be happy to blacklist them from your campaign.

Dynu In Media puts potential publishers through a quality assurance and fraud check before we allow them into the network. This helps reduce the occurrence of fraud and bad leads. Advertisers must also work at monitoring data and reporting problems. We pass all advertisers the IDs of the publishers generating traffic for their campaign. Advertisers should use this ID with their internal quality checks to analyze the profitability of the traffic they are receiving on an individual publisher level. When a lead is invalid, we require a full report with your reasonings of how the lead was not accepted. Please inform us as soon as possible when you sense if there is any traffic issue so we can take necessary actions by alerting our publishers, optimize our volume, change/block sources accordingly.

There are no monthly or annual fees.

An Account Manager will be assigned to you. In many cases you will be connected with our operational team for a fuller support. Your satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to giving your company and program the resources it needs to succeed. Please contact us anytime for any queries and further assistance.

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