Win Big in Affiliate Marketing on Tiktok: 2 Ways to Defeat It!

Affiliate marketing on TikTok | Dynu In Media

Many may think that affiliate marketing on TikTok is dummy easy. All you need is an account with a significant amount of traffic. Then, you select suitable affiliate marketing programs to run and earn commissions through the Tiktok affiliate link included in the video. Well, logically, it’s true. Yet why are my affiliate marketing TikTok … Read more

Tiktok Vs. Facebook in the Affiliate Arena in 2022 – Which One Will Be the next King?

Tiktok vs Facebook | Dynu In Media

Who is Facebook rival? – We could say, in addition to the fierce competitors that already exist like Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. TikTok’s rise as an emerging name and seems to be the “bluest ocean” right now. As the two most popular social platforms, TikTok vs Facebook currently get tons of comparisons in many … Read more