Tiktok Vs. Facebook in the Affiliate Arena in 2022 – Which One Will Be the next King?

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Who is Facebook rival? – We could say, in addition to the fierce competitors that already exist like Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. TikTok’s rise as an emerging name and seems to be the “bluest ocean” right now.

As the two most popular social platforms, TikTok vs Facebook currently get tons of comparisons in many aspects. These days, this battle has spread among affiliate marketers and has not come to an end yet.

TikTok vs Facebook? Which one do you believe is more powerful in affiliate marketing? 

Of course, there are many ways to compare these two platforms. So now, let dive deep into this post by Dynu In Media to have the best overview of these two hottest then let me know which one you choose!

What is Tiktok? (Is It genuinely a new Goldmine?)

Consider being a new star in the affiliate game… It’s true. 

TikTok is a goldmine | Dynu In Media
TikTok is a goldmine

TikTok is a social media platform that was launched in 2016. This app’s popularity has been growing tremendously, especially in 2020 and 2021 according to Statista. It has not stopped there, so far, this platform got 1 billion monthly active users, particularly Gen Z, who are digital natives, come to it for entertainment value, short-form variety, and positive self-expression. 

Born between 1996 and 2010, as trendsetters and catchers (also the answer for “Why is TikTok so popular?“), Gen Z is changing things when it comes to shopping habits. While older shoppers are more cautious with money, Gen Z shoppers are more inclined to spend when they want something. Along with this, according to a study by Adweek-Morning Consult, almost half of TikTok users have purchased after seeing a product or service advertised on the app.

Then, why is TikTok growing so fast?

The thing that makes Tiktok even better when doing affiliate marketing is its low competition compared to Facebook. TikTok seems to be the “bluest ocean” right now. Consider the fact that it is a relatively new source and the auction is not too competitive there. More traffic, less competition. Affiliate marketers’ next strategy is obvious!

So, the question arises whether TikTok can beat Facebook to be the affiliate marketing dominance? 

Before going to the final answer, we want to give you one more interesting piece of information that, TikTok can do better at driving traffic to gambling offers even if it is illegal. Sounds weird? But it’s true!

You can promote gambling as long as you don’t have to launch a TikTok through your ad profile. In fact, there are always other approaches that also convert well, including creating a channel, doing a live broadcast, or just finding a way to bypass the mods and run it through your ad profile. Decent traffic from there has been earned. TikTok has become a pretty good traffic source for gambling offers! 

Is TikTok still owned by China?

In fact, TikTok known in China as the name Douyin (Pinyin: Dǒuyīn | Chinese: 抖音), is a short-form video hosting service owned by ByteDance – A Chinese company. And so far, although TikTok (like another version optimized for overseas markets) has reached out to the world and has headquarters in many countries, no action by the company has changed the core: ByteDance still owns and controls this platform today.

Even thrives like that, so how does TikTok make money?

This platform has a revenue model that makes money in three ways, including commissions, in-app purchases, and TikTok Ads.

Hey affiliates, feeling attractive? Feeling “will TikTok replace Facebook?” and wantta step into this platform? Wait a minute, we still have some unspoken words below. Keep scrolling!

Should I be worried about TikTok?

Not really, but there are some things you should consider.

Going back in time, we all know that Facebook was founded in 2004, which means TikTok is 12 years younger than Facebook’s traffic. So, because of “being born late”, TikTok traffic source is still in its early stages of development. That being said, when it comes to user targeting and analytics, Facebook wins!

Do not stop there, there are not many options for affiliates to run their campaign as the primary user base is young adults on TikTok. All in all, TikTok vs Facebook, the data source is not a competitive advantage of TikTok compared to Facebook.

The second thing we want to highlight here is that TikTok does not allow users to place affiliate offer links on their ads or content! In other words, you can’t embed clickable affiliate marketing links in TikTok videos. The one thing you can do at this moment is to insert the links into your TikTok bio and redirect your audience to this section in each video.

Uhmm, although this is an edge for TikTok, as this post is standing in the eye of an affiliate marketer, it’s exactly a drawback compared to Facebook. Speed is always an advantage. People will become lazier when they have to go through many steps to get to the link of the product.

And, last but not least guys, TikTok vs Facebook, remember the US threatened to limit TikTok last year by former President Donald Trump? US – Tier 1 – a GEO that every CPA marketer desires to work with due to its widest range of traffic sources with plenty of profitable offers. Imagine you have spent a bunch of money on building a potential TikTok channel that targets the US, then one day, that threat came true and your assets returned to zero. What do you think, affiliates?

Even if it isn’t a sure thing, this beloved video-sharing app escaped a US ban, but who will ensure there are no risks later? Potential national security risks are still there, and as a living witness, TikTok was banned in India on June 29, 2020. You would tell me not to be so negative, but who can predict the future?

Read this far, do you have your own answer yet? TikTok vs Facebook, Which one do you feel has more potential? If not, then keep scrolling!!

Is Facebook losing users to TikTok?

Running affiliate through Facebook is like a meme for me.”

Will TikTok replace Facebook?”

“Is Facebook losing popularity?”

Is TikTok more popular than Facebook?

“Is TikTok safer than Facebook?”

Is Facebook paid GOP firm to malign TikTok?”

You will probably find this kind of comment rampant in the forums.

Is Facebook an out of date guy | Dynu In Media
Is Facebook an out-of-date guy

Facebook versus TikTok.

We would say, forget those clichés! It’s time for Facebook to strike back.

Is Gen Z the biggest online shopper? Not really. According to a study conducted by Ernst & Young, 49% of this generation buy products online more than once a month but experience up to 74% of millennials and baby boomers. In other words, the Facebook audience is still the dominant buying market when it comes to Facebook affiliates.

Another debate between TikTok vs Facebook?

Second, you need a social platform that can predict your target customer’s future behavior via AI and firm in the data source, don’t you? TikTok vs Facebook, then Facebook is obviously what you desire! We mentioned it above, so there is no further explanation.

As a “Top of the social platform” over the years, Facebook has had a chance to gather millions of data points on potential customers to allow for the ideal targeting. This platform does an outstanding job of giving advanced marketers insights into those target customers to be able to target Lookalike audiences (those who are most likely to engage with your marketing messages). It can predict your interest, character, relationship, hobby, etc. based on the profile data and your activity across the site.

Lastly, the reason why I assume Facebook has more potential when it comes to affiliate marketing in the 2 TikTok vs Facebook is its nature. As a social networking site, everyone can create multiple types of content, from videos and pictures to text like quizzes, trivia, challenge posts, fun posts, memes, etc. which I appreciate more than TikTok, a short-video base platform. Obviously, some affiliates have to run highly specialized and challenging offers that deliver stellar ROI, and what they can do well to generate conversions is to convince their audience through diverse content.

Is TikTok cheaper than Facebook?

Running Facebook affiliates, another issue you might be interested in is the price.

Just one thing to share, users can browse a selection of written pieces, long- and short-form videos, and static images. Although Facebook advertising is typically more expensive than TikTok, it is backed by a wealth of statistics and past performance information & data.

So we would say, in terms of affiliates, Facebook Affiliate has the upper hand in price!

But wait, Are you noticing what Facebook lacks?

Still maintain so many miracles, why do so many affiliates hate Facebook?

In fact, this social platform has become quite hard to work with lately. “Facebook is down for me, they’ve banned my accounts, and my business is ruined!” is a popular saying recently. Because Facebook algorithms are constantly changing in unpredictable ways, It sometimes randomly bans anything and everything.

Honestly, no one is safe from the wrath of Facebook. While doing Facebook affiliate, If they don’t ban your accounts, they restrict them from managing Ads, or they disable your page. Facebook tends to ban and kill accounts for all types of reasons, especially content related to verticals that are on their blacklist (mainly gambling, adults, finance, etc.). So if you want to make money in these industries, Facebook is not your place.

The second drawback of using Facebook to do affiliate marketing is that this platform is gradually picking up the number of users. With just a few quick researches on negative social issues on Facebook, you can find dozens of pages and groups built to follow this flow. Negative content is widely spread, leading to bad energy after using Facebook. And you know, who wants to carry a toxic mentality in their head all day?? So without a doubt, Facebook and TikTok comparison, Tiktok is currently being prioritized, which mainly conveys entertaining and humorous content from Gen Z.

Is TikTok safer than Facebook?

Despite some cybersecurity experts considering it a threat, TikTok’s founders say this platform is safe to use. For data privacy, Facebook has also a track record of incidents highlighting inadequate measures. So, about security or data privacy, like one of some Facebook and TikTok similarities, neither of these two is definitely safe.

Is TikTok The Most Popular Social Media?

Facebook versus TikTok, Tiktok beat Facebook, Didn’t it?

Now, no more theory, it’s time to talk based on the real stats!

Let’s have a quick look at the world’s most-used social platforms collected by We Are Social in Jan 2022, Tiktok vs Facebook database:

TikTok vs Facebook data | Dynu In Media
TikTok vs Facebook data

Next, the favorite social media platforms, also in Jan 2022:

Facebook and TikTok data | Dynu In Media
Facebook and TikTok data

So, do you think what is the most powerful social media platform?

Honestly speaking, TikTok vs Facebook, despite the above issues, Facebook is apparently still working well for many. It’s getting better but clearly is still far from what it used to be.

However, let’s face the fact that Facebook is still bigger than TikTok in terms of user behavior, which every affiliate is interested in. Billions of people scroll via their Facebook feed monthly. Regardless of who your target customers are, they spend at least some of their time on Facebook. 

Is TikTok declining? – No way, it’s just on the race steadily, but still lags behind Facebook in certain aspects.

So, believe in me, Facebook is still alive and performing well, at least for this year; you can earn some bucks here!

Facebook and Tiktok equals Money

Facebook and TikTok | Dynu In Media
Facebook and TikTok

Alright, time to write some final words!

TikTok vs Facebook (and Facebook reels vs TikTok, quite similar), some believe TikTok is a new Facebook. While it would be difficult to make that conclusion just yet, there is no doubt that TikTok has absolutely been working wonders for some marketers and affiliates, primarily for those whose products are popular among Gen Z demographic – the future masters of the world. As a more exciting traffic source lately, and while it’s far from perfect, there are many opportunities waiting for you to dig into it!

However, each type has its own competitive advantages and features. As an affiliate marketer, let’s pick yourself the one you think fits best for the offers, the verticals you want to run, also the audience you want to target. (Working at TikTok vs Facebook are all equally cool. But consider to Tiktok vs Facebook users at first)

Besides, the advice Dynu In Media desires to highlight here is that you should not focus on one offer and one traffic source. Let’s do multichannel as much as you can!

Up to 84,6% of TikTok users also dive into Facebook. So, hey Tiktok vs Facebook users, it’s time for you to express yourself!!

Finally, back to the concern, Facebook vs. TikTok in the Affiliate arena in 2022, Which one will be the next King? | What’s better TikTok or Facebook? | What is the number 1 social media app?

Umm, 1 King – 1 Queen, for sure!

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We hope that this article is useful for you to have an overview of the two hottest social platforms – TikTok vs Facebook (Facebook, TikTok videos). Refer to other articles on Dynu In Media‘s Blog to know more interesting things about Affiliate Marketing!

Alright, we’ll see you in the next post!

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