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Just a few years ago, no one got an idea about TikTok, let alone TikTok Affiliate Marketing.

But guess what happens now?

TikTok has grown to be one of the leading social media platforms besides Facebook and Youtube. Behind TikTok’s out-of-the-box videos lies a huge money-making opportunity for digital entrepreneurs. Affiliate marketers are no exception.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, though. That’s why this TikTok Affiliate Marketing completed guide from Dynu In Media exists. Keep scrolling to take a further step toward this new revolution of affiliates!

Make easy money out of TikTok? Read on for more!

What Is Tiktok?

TikTok is a short video-center social media channel that allows users to create and share under-3-minute videos. The app was first launched as “Douyin” for the Chinese domestic market in 2016. One year later, ByteDance officially brought TikTok to the world. And that’s when the game started to change.

Instead of being a lifestyle platform, TikTok directs users to entertaining content like dance, art, funny moments captured, and even memes. Thanks to this novel direction and encouragement of creative freedom for content creators, Sensor Tower reported that TikTok has drawn in 3 billion installations worldwide. Worth the name fastest growing social media app globally, as BBC stated!

How Does Tiktok Affiliate Marketing Even Work?

Tiktok Is Just So New And Fresh!

According to Hubspot Content Trends Survey, 54% of social media users prefer video marketing over any other form of advertising. Along with the dominance of mobile traffic, video-streaming apps like Youtube, Facebook, and Snapchat must be the champion of social media. Then, why can’t those platforms create such a fever as TikTok?

Long story short, TikTok is just so new. Facebook, Youtube, and similar apps have been in the game for too long and have been fully exploited by advertisers. Just when users are sick of heavy-branded marketing content on those channels, TikTok hits the market with short, engaging, and raw videos. Then, the amount of traffic on this social networking platform boomed.

Massive Traffic On Tiktok Equals Money.

According to Statista, at the beginning of 2022, 1 billion users were active on the Tiktok platform every month. And 60% of them belong to gen Z – the trendsetters and catchers (via Wallaroo). These teenagers can purchase immediately the minute they see a product advertising on TikTok as long as the content is qualified.

That means, if your target audience happens to be GenZ, then millions of potential audiences with a high conversion rate are waiting for you on TikTok.


But what if you’re not? How about TikTok affiliate programs targeting the older generation like millennials? There’s still a big chance for you!

Tiktok is maturing, and so are its audiences.

As the audience demographic is broader day by day, it left behind a wealth of money-earning for those doing TikTok Affiliate Marketing. The more traffic you draw, the better monetization is!

However, Tiktok Affiliate Marketing Is Not That Difficult!

When saying using TikTok for affiliate marketing is dummies easy, we mean it! Because TikTok affiliate marketing also works the same way as any other platform. All you need is to create content and update it on the platform for monetizing your audience through affiliate link clicks. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, TikTok tends to offer its users new video creators they’ve never seen before. That means every content has a chance to go viral.

Then, what’s stopping you from earning on this blooming social app right now? Is it because you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry! The Tik Tok affiliate marketing ultimate guide from Dynu In Media is right below to help you. Read on!

How To Start TikTok Affiliate Marketing? Let us tell you right here.

How To Start TikTok Affiliate Marketing?

Step 1: Build a quality personal channel

Having a Business Account is an essential thing you need to do to start your Affiliate Marketing on TikTok

However, that is not all. The importance is: who will be the audience of your channel?

To be able to define the people most likely to convert to your leads, start drafting out a comprehensive portrait of your target customer based on these criteria:

  • Geographic location: Where does your target audience live? This is the first thing you need to determine as some offers only work in specific areas.
  • Age: What is the ideal age range of your audience?
  • Income rate: This criterion determines whether your audience is sensitive to the product’s price.
  • Hobbies: TikTok suggests videos to users based on their habits and interests. Therefore, if you capture these insights from your target customers, the chances of your video reaching them will be much higher.
  • Favorite apps, websites, or platforms: keep this in mind when you plan to link your accounts on other media with TikTok.
  • Purchase motivation: What is the primary reason they choose your brand? Does your product fit their needs?
  • Gender: what is the gender of the person you are targeting? This element is only necessary if your brand is suitable for specific genders.
  • Marital status: This is extremely important for those who run TikTok Affiliate Marketing for family or dating niches.
  • Occupation: What is your audience’s job or industry? This is not important unless the product you promote is only used for a specific sector.

In addition to the above factors, you can thoroughly search and aggregate other information you have about customers. The more clarified the buyer persona, the higher your success in converting leads from affiliate marketing on TikTok!

But wait… If you already have a Personal Account, let’s switch it to a business one and optimize it per the above criteria. Because only Business Accounts are allowed to add a URL to the biographic section. It also gives you more tools for statistics, analysis, and targeting your audience.

Step 2: Leverage your audience

When your TikTok channel doesn’t yet get a large amount of traffic, thinking about audience monetization by clicking affiliate links does not seem to be the best option.

If you don’t want to rely on TikTok ads for affiliate marketing (paid traffic), the following pro tips will help you build and grow your channel faster. In other words, shorter way to TikTok Affiliate Marketing and earn money.

  • Keep your TikTok idea for affiliate marketing authentic and focus on a specific niche.
  • Keep your videos short and straightforward. But make sure the first 5 seconds count!
  • Master the trend catching by using popular hashtags and trending audio
  • Engage with your audience to the next level in the comment and GO LIVE sections
  • Upload your content consistently.

Or, you can learn about earning free traffic here: How To Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing In 2022

Tips for choosing the best Affiliate Program for TikTok? Try these below.

Step 3: Select the best Affiliate programs for TikTok

As a platform that focuses on short videos, there is a limit to what you can promote on TikTok. You can hardly convince users to make luxury purchases through TikTok affiliate marketing in a brief amount of time. Products like real estate, cars, or expensive vacations will require more time and effort to convert leads from TikTok traffic.

So as a beginner, what TikTok affiliate programs should you take for the highest conversion rate? The answer is utility, consumer, fashion, and lifestyle. Let’s focus on exploiting these types of affiliate products first!

However, it doesn’t mean that luxury products can’t fit for affiliate marketing on TikTok. These types of deals always come with high consideration from customers. If you want to run programs in this area, start focusing on the quality of your channel. A TikTok channel that carefully invests in video content and specializes in a specific field will be more convincing to the audiences.

Step 4: Generate leads by featuring affiliate links on TikTok

TikTok does not encourage you to redirect users to other platforms. Therefore, if you insert affiliate links into the video caption or mention other platforms in the video content, your video will hardly go viral.

Therefore, you can take advantage of the following features of the platform to do effective TikTok Affiliate Marketing. That is inserting a URL into your TikTok Biography (bio). TikTok bio is an area for users to describe themselves, displayed right below their profile picture. In the bio section, TikTok allows users to insert URL links without affecting the channel’s performance. So those doing Tik Tok affiliate marketing can add an URL link to your bio to re-direct your audience to:

  • Your website
  • Other social media channels of yours
  • Your blog
  • Your product page (or it may be called a landing page)
  • An e-commerce platform or an online shop
Above are ways for beginners to start inserting links on TikTok without violations

The above platforms allow you to provide more information about the advertising products to your customers to convince them. But how can I turn these leads into money?

Featuring product affiliate links on these platforms is the next step you need. By attaching an affiliate link, you’ll get $5, $10, or even a few hundred dollars from customers clicking the link and purchasing the product by attaching an affiliate link. The amount of money you make from each customer may seem minor. But if you can draw in thousands of leads, it will be a big goldmine! As we said above, traffic equals money!

TikTok Affiliate Marketing Testimonials

Still don’t believe that one can indeed make a fortune out of TikTok Affiliate Marketing? Then take a look at the wealth that this platform brings to the following characters:

  • Charli D’ Amelio: $17.5 million (133 million Followers)
  • Dixie D’ Amelio: $10 million (57 million Followers)
  • Addison Rae: $8.5 million (86 million Followers)
  • Bella Poarch: $5 million (87 million Followers)
  • Josh Richards: $5 million (26 million Followers)
  • Kris Collins: $4.75 million (42 million Followers)
  • Avani Gregg: $4.75 million (39 million Followers)

All of these data are listed by Forbes in early 2022. Is that reliable enough? I do think it is! However, if you need more legit reviews for how much a TikTok Affiliate Marketer can earn, start browsing the keyword “TikTok affiliate marketing Reddit” and tons of down-to-earth testimonials will invade!

Final Thoughts

TikTok affiliate marketing seems challenging because it’s so new. The TikTok algorithm changes every second and leaves behind a great mountain for affiliate marketers to climb. That challenge, however, offers a great chance of success that’s equally shared by everyone: anyone can be famous and make money from TikTok.

Stay up to date and take care of your affiliate marketing strategy on TikTok every day! That helps you not fall behind the trend and create better quality content. Dynu In Media wishes you success.

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