5+ Key Reasons Why Your Tiktok Promotion Not Approved

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TikTok ads are a great way to boost desired conversions, so it would be a nightmare for advertisers if their Tiktok promotion is not approved.

“Why is TikTok not letting me Promote my videos?”

“I’m facing this situation and trying to find out reasons and ways to get out!”

Are you? Then be calm, Dynu In Media is here to help you clearly understand the TikTok Ads rules and policies as well as minimize this kind of situation. Below we have listed down 5+ reasons and their solutions; discover now!

Tiktok promotion not approved
Tiktok promotion not approved

TikTok account balance is not enough

It seems ridiculous, but there are still people who forget about their TikTok account balance. TikTok will only approve the campaign if your account balance is too small, even though you ensure compliance with all advertising policies or have a complete setup.

TikTok account balance is not enough
TikTok account balance is not enough

So first, make sure this doesn’t happen to you by checking carefully there is enough balance in the account before setting up a campaign.

In case you don’t have enough money in your account, just top-up your TikTok account via Payment, Select Deposit and see how much the minimum deposit is required to run ads. When the amount is within the allowable level, you can quickly deploy and run ads.

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Content policies violation

“Why is my TikTok promotion under review?”

Many advertisers often report that their Tiktok promotions is not approved for no reason, so the content is the first thing they must consider.

In case you don’t know TikTok’s ads policy in detail, then so far, TikTok’s advertising content is split into 3 categories, including:

  • Normal Content
  • Restricted Content
  • Prohibited Content

TikTok strictly prohibits advertising containing banned words like cure, commitment, treatment, illegal drugs, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, weapons, explosives, political, military, racism, discrimination, sexual abuse content, and now, even covid 19 and Corona.

Besides, TikTok also prohibits ads that contain content related to comparing products with others, displaying explicit images/videos (like dirt, blood, torture, etc.), or making exaggerated claims.

Wondering if your account is still running these types?

Absolutely this video doesn’t meet the requirements and can’t be promoted. Even worse, there is a really high chance that your Tik Tok ads account will be disabled (and be warned in case of using Restricted Content). So try your best to stay away from these words!

Trademark, copyright violation

“When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do”. So if you have agreed to run the game on this platform, TikTok promotion rules are the thing you should keep in mind when running ads.

Trademark, copyright violation
Trademark, copyright violation

Then, copyright violation is the next problem that advertisers mostly encounter, what TikTok always lists are the top reason for not approving ads.

If the content of your ad, irrespective of videos, text, or landing pages, contains brand names, content by others on TikTok without their knowledge, proper authorization, or a legally valid reason, or uses music, or images of celebrities without permission, you would be marked as violating the trademark copyright policy, and your Tiktok promotion will not be approved.

Then if you want to drive sales through advertising on TikTok, create your own unique and realistic video instead of taking from others!

Inconsistent Ad Creative

Inconsistent ad creative is another reason why your Tiktok promotion was not approved. All your text, captions, videos, and images must match the product you want to promote.

TikTok will definitely only accept your ads if they are not consistent with the products displayed on the landing page.

For instance, if the name displayed on your ad is an ergonomic chair, while the product shown on the landing page is a normal B office chair, your TikTok ads will easily face ad disapproval.

If TikTok promotion is not approved due to the inconsistent Ad creative, delete it and recreate a more relevant one.

Issues with Caption, Image, and Video

Issues with Caption, Image, and Video
Issues with Caption, Image, and Video

In case you don’t know, here are some requirements you should pay attention to while selecting the text, images, or videos for your TikTok ad (if you don’t want TikTok to reject your ad):

  • The ad caption/text must not contain spelling or grammar errors that cause an unpleasant user experience nor misuse symbols among the letters.
  • The ad’s image and video must be legible and of good resolution.
  • The TikTok ad video time must be at least 5 seconds and no more than 60 seconds.
  • The ad video must use the standard video size.
  • The ad’s image must not feature unclear, blurry, or unrecognizable visuals, nor use columns/pixels to purposely partially cover images.
  • The audio must not be of low quality, like containing unclear or unrecognizable noises, and the information in the content must be understandable.

Hey advertisers! Minimize the mistakes we have listed above to make your ads run smoother.

Landing Page is Not Up to Standard

The landing page is a necessary part of TikTok Marketing, so make sure you follow strict TikTok Ads rules for the landing page. Some errors that common are:

  • The landing page contains prohibited advertising content.
  • Landing pages that display prohibited products/services.
  • The landing pages that are outdated, have browsers without a back button, are under construction, have errors, incomplete content, are not mobile-friendly, and automatic file download to the user’s mobile phone.
  • Your e-commerce websites do not have enough information (like business license, company name, company address, display local currency price, delivery information, terms & conditions, return policy, etc.).
  • Landing pages require users to input personal information or download additional programs to access the main content on the landing pages.

Also, about this situation, we collected and sifted through “TikTok promotion not approved on Reddit” and saw many people agree with this reason (based on case studies they’ve encountered). If you want to know more, take a look around this forum.

The Language Used in The Ad is Ineligible in The Targeted Country

The Language Used in The Ad is Ineligible in The Targeted Country
The Language Used in The Ad is Ineligible in The Targeted Country

Language is another essential thing you should double-check when your Tiktok promotion is not approved.

TikTok has language terms that are used depending on your ads’ targeted country. For example, advertisers can only use the Vietnamese language when running ads in Vietnam. 80% that TikTok will reject your ads promotion if you use other languages such as Thailand or the Philippines in Vietnam.

Besides, when it comes to running ads in countries using two languages, then you must pay attention to the languages that are eligible for those. For example, Malaysia allows the use of Bahasa and English; or Singapore allows Chinese, Bahasa, and English, etc.; So if you advertise in both Malaysia and Singapore at the same time, then you can use English only.

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Above are some reasons why your Tiktok promotion was not approved. Have you ever encountered the errors listed above? Drop a line in the comment section if you want to share your experience. Then hope you learned a lot from this post. See you in the next article on Dynu In Media’s Blog!

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