10 Best Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods and Techniques

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Are you looking to run effective affiliate marketing?

Are you wondering about the optimum affiliate marketing strategy and tactic?

Then you search…

Don’t worry about that! In this article, Dynu In Media will reveal the 10 best affiliate marketing promotion methods and techniques for you. Stay tuned!

Social Media

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Tiktok, Pinterest, and so on to connect with your targeted audience in order to grow your business, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This entails creating engaging content for your social media profiles, paying attention to and enthralling your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements.

There are some pros of social media, as follow:

  • Increases brand awareness through calls to reader likes, shares, follows, and other forms of social media in order to get noticed by new customers and investors as well.
  • Boosts leads and conversions. You are advertising to people who have chosen to engage with you by following your account, which can result in the accumulation of new leads and increased sales.
  • Interact with customers and build relationships. When you answer your customers’ questions on social media, they will be eternally grateful that you took the time to do so. Their gratitude will compel them to share what you do with others.
  • Your competitors are online: keep an eye on them. Make sure you follow how they show their strategy, campaign, and advertisement.
Social Media | DYNU IN MEDIA
Social Media | DYNU IN MEDIA

Therefore, choosing suitable social media channels is necessary firstly, avoiding wasting your time and boosting your ads effectively.

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Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC) is a type of online advertising. It is regarded as an ideal online marketing tool because it is a powerful method of promoting any website. The PPC model differs from most advertising models in that it is not based on the number of page views a website receives. It is a method by which advertisers pay publishers whenever a user clicks on their advertisement. The advertiser will pay the publisher a certain amount of money, which will be used to pay for the advertisements.

PPC is commonly used to generate leads for businesses in search engine marketing (SEM) programs, but it is also available in content marketing (CMT), social media advertising (SMA), and many other areas. You can advertise your product or service by using PPC to generate leads.

SEO – The Best Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO refers to the process of optimizing a company’s website for search engines such as Google. An SEO activity’s goal is to increase organic traffic or visitors to a website.

You can increase your business by increasing the number of visitors to your website. As a result, you should understand that the ultimate goal of the SEO process is to increase organic traffic.

SEO - The best affiliate marketing promotion methods | DYNU IN MEDIA
SEO – The best affiliate marketing promotion methods

To get this organic traffic, you should engage in some SEO activities to bring your website to the top of search engine results for your potential customer’s or visitors’ relevant search queries.

This organic traffic is referred to as free traffic because it is obtained for free. Any website can obtain free organic traffic by employing SEO techniques. And this organic traffic is massive. The fundamentals of the SEO process are as follows:  on-page & off-page techniques.

The main goal of all SEO affiliate marketing campaigns is to get conversions and boost revenue. To get effective results, it’s important to optimize your website for conversions. It is considered one of the affiliate marketing promotion methods effectively these days.


Blogging is the act of writing about what you enjoy. In other words, write about what you know and provide useful information to those who are looking for it. Let’s dig a little deeper. 

For example, you understand how to use Professional Cameras. You can now start a blog and share your DSLR knowledge. Consider a person who is looking for How to Set Up XYZ Camera Manually. So, if you know about it, you can write an informative blog about it, and Google will display it to people who are looking for it. 

A blog can also be used to earn money in a variety of ways, including Adsense, Sponsors, Affiliate, and more.


What should you do to make a helpful how-to video? 

“When you see a need, fill it.”

Make sure that whatever type of how-to video you create is something that people want to know in the first place.

Video – Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods

If you know how to do something or have figured out how to do something that you struggled with, chances are that someone else is struggling with it as well. That’s a fantastic opportunity to meet a need.

Even if you haven’t personally struggled with figuring something out, noticing that many others are is a great opportunity to fill a need—especially if it’s something you already or naturally know how to do efficiently or well.

In terms of technicalities, if it’s a video, make sure the audio is as clear as possible. People usually don’t mind if the video is a little fuzzy if the audio is good. Also, ask questions to see what people are interested in learning.

Generating solid video content and adding affiliate marketing links about products/items after then. In this way, you can attract users to click on your link and take a specifically related act hitting affiliate marketing campaigns.


One of the next affiliate marketing promotion methods must mention coupons. Coupons (discount codes) are being used quite a lot recently when affiliate marketing programs are increasingly blooming. Currently, the major online sales sites all apply the form of discounts to customers through Coupon discount codes (coupon codes). Let’s DYNU IN MEDIA find more coupons.

Coupon is a ticket/voucher/coupon/discount code launched by a manufacturer/retailer during promotions.

Coupon code (coupon code) is also a form of coupon, but instead of using coupons, users will use a code to enter at the time of online payment on the website.

Coupon - Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods
Coupon – Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods

When shoppers use coupons, they get a discount on their purchase invoice compared to a regular purchase.

Depending on the policy, Coupon can be for a limited time or indefinitely, or only apply under certain conditions. For example, if you receive a 50% discount Coupon, when you pay, if you use this coupon, the total amount will be reduced by 50%.

There are some common words that are used with the equivalent meaning of coupon such as: coupon code, promo code, promotional code, gift code, discount code, voucher, e-voucher, etc.

Coupons come in a variety of formats, including free delivery, discounts, buy one get one free deals, free trials, and coupons for specific products for the first customer, special promotions on holidays, grand opening, and so on.

​Coupons are generally of two types: offline coupons and online coupons.

  • ​Offline coupon: paper coupons commonly used in offline transactions. When making a purchase, you take this coupon directly and present it to the payer. You will then receive the discount directly on your purchase invoice.
  • Online Coupon: a code consisting of several characters (alphanumeric, or both) that is used in both online and offline payments. When buying online, you use this code in the discount code area (if any).

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the process of promoting a product or service through email. Email marketing may be done in two ways: bulk Email marketing or opt-in Email marketing.

Email marketing enables you to target certain groups of clients or even individuals. Offering unique birthday promotions on products or services to particular consumers is one method to do this. 

For example, a restaurant may send an email to patrons on their birthdays offering them 50% off an entree. In the affiliate marketing industry, you can send emails to introduce products/items along with your promotion to your entails customers increasing approval and purchase rate.

This type of personalization assists a company in gradually developing and maintaining a relationship with a consumer, which may lead to higher sales and customer loyalty.

Email Marketing - Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods
Email Marketing – Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods

Given email’s unrivaled capacity to drive conversions, it stands to reason that it is also the most effective marketing medium for driving ROI (Return On Investment) for your business. In fact, email marketing generates an average 3,800 return on investment for firms, with a $38 return on investment for every $1 spent on email marketing.

To make money with email marketing, you must first have a website and a product or service to sell. E-mail has also been used for affiliate marketing and has become a popular affiliate marketing promotion method these days.


Webinars are an excellent way to share and market your product or service to a targeted audience. Planning ahead of time is essential whether you are hosting a webinar for your clients or your internal staff. Identify your target audience and prepare and convey the logistics (subject or topic to be discussed/date/time/medium or tool to be utilized, and so on).

Prepare the presentation and conduct a few dry runs to verify you can regulate the speed of the webinar. Try to identify and underline the essential takeaways you want the audience to remember. It is also recommended to make the webinar as interactive as possible in order to keep the audience interested. This is especially crucial in webinars.

This is especially crucial in webinars since you are not physically present in front of your audience and it is extremely easy for them to lose interest. So keep them interested and attempt to elicit questions. You’ll also need to keep an eye on the time, and if a discussion is deviating from the topic or disrupting your flow, take it up with that person offline.

Also, if feasible, share the presentation contents with your audience before the webinar so that they can refer to it later.


This is a website/blog that specializes in product reviews as well as affiliate marketing promotion methods.

Websites of this type also often bring the most value to users and so the best money-making sites with follow-up links (both in the international and Vietnamese markets) are primarily reviews. 

Simply because users always want to find reputable information before deciding to buy a product. They want to see what other people say about the product they are about to buy, the quality, the price, etc.

Reviews – Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods

Example: People want to search for a store to buy lights for home decoration.

They can immediately upload e-commerce sites to buy… But no!

Usually, they won’t! Because they know that there will be many kinds of lights. And they will perform a quest.

What are they looking for?

They will find what they are most interested in: What kind of lights are beautiful? List of shops selling reputable lights?

So how do you approach them? Show up right on Google’s search results with the keywords they’re searching for, the keywords that best reflect their surrender concerns.

And lead them to a detailed article on how to choose lights, price, and so on (add your affiliate link in).

With this approach, you will spend the most time, need to invest a lot in content, and see slow results, but otherwise, this will be a tangible way, and once it gives results, it will be the results are enormous.

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Landing pages

Landing Page, commonly known as a sales landing page, is a website designed to highlight the products you are trading, where there is only one page to close the sale to help increase the sales rate up to 200% compared to a regular website.

A landing page is a unique landing page when a customer clicks on your ad link or search engine link. The primary purpose of a landing page is to lead your potential customers to a specific action set by you, such as leave information, purchase, etc.

Landing Page helps your business or business increase the conversion rate extremely high because when the user is there, there is only 1 sales page on it.

Basically, landing pages work because they reduce the “burden” on visitors. Visitors don’t have to think about what to do next. The goal is obvious.

Landing Pages work best when:

  • Visitors know why they came to that page and what they expect to do next
  • Landing Page content matches visitor expectations
  • The following action is obvious.

To try to play with affiliate marketing is not difficult, and everyone can try it right away. Still, to do affiliate marketing promotion methodically, in the right way, and produce sustainable results, few people can do it, and there is no way go off, can not help but invest (whether money, time, etc.). So instead of choosing unorthodox methods, short-cut solutions, you should still think of a long-term solution.

And don’t forget to learn these 6 skills right away if you want to do full-time affiliate marketing.

What do you think about the affiliate marketing promotion methods that we has just revealed? How are you doing it, and how effective is it? Dynu In Media is looking forward to hearing from you!

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