5 Best Affiliate Tracking Software Solutions for This Year

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If you’re making money online via affiliate marketing, you know about affiliate tracking, don’t you?

Affiliate links are made via tracking software enabling you to follow and manage your affiliate marketing account more efficiently. In this article, Dynu In Media will show you how they work and the best affiliate tracking software this year. Let’s get a start on it!

What is affiliate tracking?

What is affiliate tracking? | DYNU IN MEDIA
What is affiliate tracking?

Affiliate tracking is defined as the process of generating traffic from affiliate conversions of products for each publisher. Affiliate links allow all parties to collect valuable insights from customers via a synthetic amount of traffic, number of clicks, and sales.

How does affiliate marketing tracking work?

Affiliate tracking software is an essential tool in any affiliate marketer’s as traffic and conversion as possible. Some people may use social media networks, while others may use landing pages or personal blogs.

How does affiliate marketing tracking work? | DYNU IN MEDIA
How does affiliate marketing tracking work?

Affiliate monitoring software informs marketers and affiliates about the sources of the majority of their clicks and conversions. As a result, you’ll know which marketing techniques are most effective and where you need to put in more effort.

Most affiliate networks have numerous tracking options that you can utilize to track various KPIs.

It will depend on what kind of business you are running. If you are selling physical goods on your affiliate campaigns, you need a fully integrated platform with CRM (customer relationship manager), and credit card processing.

So, what is the best affiliate tracking? What’re considered to be the best affiliate tracking software? If you are promoting software/apps, then you need something like HasOffers or others below.  

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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Programs

There is a plethora of affiliate tracking software available below that will assist you in creating a single link quickly. Stay stunned!

Refersion affiliate tracking software platform

Refersion - Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Programs
Refersion – Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Programs

Referesion is an affiliate tracking software platform that provides tools for merchants to manage data from their influencers, affiliates, and partners. It’s highly remarkable for small businesses to run their affiliate programs. Why? Just because they are straightforward to set up and use, they also offer all of the functionalities to make a conversation link.

With many benefits that Refersion brings, it may be the best tracking software for you. And we could say, Referesion is one of the most cost-effective solutions out there since the cost to enjoy is $89 a month; it’s pretty expensive. However, you have 14 day-trial to experience the excellent service that Refersion offers.

Some of the top features of Refersion include:

  • Real-Time Clicks.
  • Analytics Dashboard.
  • Digital Sales Tracking.
  • Commission Structures.
  • Conversions Monitoring.
  • Branded Affiliate Portal.
  • Recurring Performance Reports.
  • Automatic Commission Payments, etc.

HasOffers tracking software for affiliate marketers

HasOffers - Best Affiliate Tracking Software
HasOffers – Best Affiliate Tracking Software

HasOffers is a solid platform: stable and reliable. They can track all of your performance channels and make sense of the potential attribution mess. It offers real-time tracking and cross-device attribution. The best thing about HasOffers is its fast and capable front-line support. Issues are solved quickly, and people there are very knowledgeable.

The cost is the issue that you are concerned about. That’s excellent information for you ‘It’s a free trial’. To use the maximum functionality, you can choose a professional package with $279/month and enterprise $799/month.

Some of the top features of HasOffers include:

  • Smart Links.
  • Smart Targeting.
  • Fraud Prevention.
  • Multi-device Support.
  • Real-time Click Tracking.
  • Campaign Management.
  • Multi-level Referral Tracking.
  • Performance Analytics (Affiliate), etc.

Tapfiliate cloud-based affiliate management software

Tapfiliate - Best affiliate software
Tapfiliate – Best Affiliate Tracking Software

In a nutshell, Tapfiliate is cloud-based affiliate management software. You can generate, track data and optimize your affiliate marketing programs easily. It offers unique social media integration for enhanced exposure, where affiliates can share or embed your branded content (YouTube videos, banners, images, links, pins, etc.) directly.

Tapfiliate pricing starts at $69.00 per feature, per month. There is no free version available. Tapfiliate offers a free trial. 

Some of the top features of Tapfiliate include:

  • Commission types.
  • Affiliate dashboards.
  • Six supported affiliate languages.
  • Custom sign-up fields & payout methods.
  • Give affiliates a branded dashboard.
  • Create shareable social media posts for affiliates, etc.

LinkMink affiliate marketing tracking software

LinkMink – Affiliate Tracking Sofware

Like other tracking software for affiliate marketers, LinkMink is known as one of the best affiliate marketing tracking software, enabling you to generate and use your tracking link. Furthermore, it also helps you manage your revenue, commissions, refunds, monthly payouts, avoid risk, and many more.

For starters, the cost for LinkMink is $39, the growth package is $65, and the enterprise is $125 per month. You have a 14-day free trial for each plan. The growth package is popular. You may consider choosing one of them to be suitable for your business.

Some of the top features of LinkMink include:

  • Automatic Approvals.
  • Integrated Payouts.
  • Affiliate Dashboard.
  • Reliable Tracking, etc.

Anytrack affiliate tracking software

At the end of the list, Anytrack is the name that we talk about when it comes to optimizing your marketing campaigns. They are one of the best affiliate marketing trackers and link tracking software. This tool helps you set up, use, and follow your tracking link effectively. Besides, you can track data or reports on conversations, and the actions visitors take. Analytic and measurement of customer behavior, strategy and campaign development, and revenue growth are all derived from these.

Anytrack - affiliate tracking software | DYNU IN MEDIA
Anytrack – The best Affiliate tracking software

Any track’s paid plans begin at a reasonable $50 per month. This includes three integrations and a 12-month data retention period, as well as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Bing integrations.

The Personal plan costs $150 per month and includes 500,000 sessions, support for ad networks, and unlimited integrations. The Advanced plan costs $300 per month and contains premium affiliate networks, webhooks, and the Facebook Conversion API.

Some of the top features of Anytrack include:

  • Connect with Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Affiliate Network Tracking.
  • Google Analytics Goals.
  • Audience Building.
  • WebHooks, etc.

Making affiliate tracking links aids your success in affiliate marketing. So, it’s necessary to choose the best affiliate tracking software. We hope that the information above is useful and helps you make the right decision for your business. Hope you love this post. Don’t forget to follow Dynu In Media’ blog for the latest updates of the company and the affiliate industry. 

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