What is a Squeeze Page? How To Create One?

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Marketers love creating lead generation pages because it’s the fastest and most sustainable way to collect potential customer data. But have you heard of the term squeeze page? It’s a good metaphor to represent how you persuade page visitors to give you their email addresses. Interesting? Continue reading to learn how to create it. Dynu In Media has also made some great examples that you can base on to design your templates. So stay tuned!

Squeeze Page
Squeeze Page

What Is A Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page (also called a capture page or lead page) is a landing page made to collect email addresses and some sort of info from web page visitors. They have to give you this info in order to gain some offers from you, such as special incentives, valuable content, or access to something.

How To Create A Good Squeeze Page in 6 Steps

How To Create A Good Squeeze Page in 6 Steps
How To Create A Good Squeeze Page in 6 Steps

An effective squeeze page relies mostly on the copies, web design, and the special gift behind it. Here’s how to make a good squeeze page in 6 steps.

Step 1: Define the Right Target Audience

You don’t want to waste time and effort on the wrong audience. So it’s best to define the portrait of your target audience in a detailed manner.

For example, jot down all possible characteristics of your target audience like this.

  • Girls from 18-25 years old
  • Lives in America
  • Interested in astronomy, self-development, and art.
  • Daily TikTok users

The more detailed you describe your target audience, the more ideas you have to build powerful content.

In most cases, you can find the right target audience on your own website. Try to think of anything like a popup or sticky bar on high-traffic pages where you can promote your lead magnet and start capturing email addresses from there.

Step 2: Create a Remarkable Lead Magnet

The lead magnet has to meet your visitors’ needs and be compelling enough to make them hand over their email addresses. There are different forms of lead magnets to consider.

  • Ebooks
  • PDF guides
  • Whitepapers
  • Reports
  • Online courses/webinars
  • Checklists
  • Worksheets/templates
  • Newsletters
  • Sweepstakes
  • A coupon/discount

Make sure the lead magnet you create aligns with your business, makes sense for the audience, and provides a quick solution to a problem.

Step 3: Create a short yet powerful message

Oftentimes, people land on a squeeze page because they have seen it through your advertising. They might also learn about your business elsewhere. So it’s best not to overwhelm them with long messages that can hurt their eyes and brains.

All they want is just the lead magnet you promise to provide as long as they give you their info. Therefore, keep your headline and subhead short and sweet. Cut through the noise and go straight to the point. It’s all about the challenges they’re facing, not your business.

Step 4: Think up a great design

A well-designed landing page is also a key to successful “squeezing.” When creating a visually stunning web page, pay attention to the colors, structure, and text fonts. Make it eye-catching enough yet easy to scan the information within. Think of what will best represent your brand and the message you’re trying to convey.

Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Journal

Above is an example from Search Engine Journal. To promote some essential tools for SEO Agencies, they choose a simple background with a basic structure. This structure, however, brings enough space between blocks and elements. Moreover, its simplicity shows professionalism which is relevant to the brand’s target audience as well.

Step 5: Consider Testimonials

If testimonials are important in your industry, then feel free to highlight some on your squeeze pages. Testimonials can put a brand image in the mind of new visitors instantly and persuade them to make the action.

If you think of faking testimonials, think again. Internet users are getting smart these days because they’ve learned from spending a lot of time on social media. In fact, it’s not that hard to get real testimonials. Try giving away your lead magnet to your loyal customers and ask them for actual reviews.

Step 6: Create a Сlear And Powerful Сall to Action (CTA)

Writing a powerful CTA is all about focusing on what your visitors will get, not how you want them to act. Here are quick examples of bad CTAs and good CTAs:

Bad CTAs:

  • Get started
  • Shop now
  • Register for free

Good CTAs:

  • Start gaining 6 packs today
  • Get free marketing tips every Monday
  • Get full access for 14 days (No credit card required)

4 Well-Made Squeeze Page Examples In 2023

Here are some squeeze pages we’d like to recommend, and of course, you could use these as your squeeze page templates as well.

Healthy Spot

Healthy Spot
Healthy Spot

What Healthy Spot has done here is pretty smart. As soon as visitors enter its website, they’ll see a popup that notifies them about 10% off the first order. Visitors can move on and benefit from this offer without giving their email addresses. But somehow, this popup makes them feel eager to know more about other offers, so they might want to subscribe to the brand’s newsletters without pressure.

Bariatric Eating

Bariatric Eating
Bariatric Eating

This example from Bariatric Eating totally changes our mindset toward long squeeze pages. It proves that a long squeeze page can drive good results – yes — this Bariatric Eating has converted at a rate of 41%. What it does is expand more content for visitors who want more information about their “Ultimate WLS Thanksgiving ebook” while also making it quick to grab the ebook without scrolling down.



Now here’s a squeeze page that looks more interactive. After the visitors answer 13 questions to self-identify their risk of diabetes, they have to hand over their email addresses as the last step in exchange for the result.

This lead generation page applies an interesting psychological tactic here. Most visitors will be willing to enter their email addresses because they just don’t want to waste their time and effort on 13 questions for nothing.



This last example shows what a regular squeeze page looks like. It has just enough content for visitors to consume without any distractions.

What’s excellent about this page lies in how they just highlight the benefit of the ebook right in the headline — “Get our Ebook to learn how to be a good leader.” The page also mentions three main benefits of the ebook to make sure their visitors are convinced enough to hand over their email addresses.

Of all the types of landing pages, squeeze pages bring the highest conversion rate. What makes sense is that your visitors have shown their interest whenever they enter a page. So, all you need to do is make sure your lead page is relevant, engaging, and well-designed to trigger their wants. Spend more time doing A/B testing over your squeeze page and find out the best version to put in the work. Dynu In Media hopes this guide has been helpful!

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