How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Social Media?

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If you’re looking to do affiliate marketing without social media, you’re on the right page. Although social media is possible for affiliates to monetize their content, it’s not really the best way to build long-term income as users’ survival depends 100% on the social platform. So yes, Dynu In Media can be sure that there are better ways to earn affiliate commissions without social media. Learn more below.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Social Media
How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Social Media

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without Social Media?

As we just said, yes, you can. Social media is not the only way to do affiliate marketing. In fact, other ways can be more effective. Let’s learn what they are and what you can do to benefit the most from them.

5 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Social Media In 2023

5 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Social Media In 2023
5 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Social Media In 2023

Create A Blog Website

Make a blog website, do affiliate marketing keyword research, write articles, and optimize them for search engines. That’s how you earn organic traffic from people who want to know something or make a purchase by reading your content.

Some advantages of doing affiliate marketing with a blog website are:

  • You don’t have to be an influencer. It’s all about how good your content is.
  • Organic traffic means it’s free. Every single commission you earn per conversion comes right into your bank account without any direct marketing costs.
  • Once you have the traffic, it will gradually lift not just the article but the entire website. That will also benefit other affiliate-friendly keywords you’re trying to make rank.
  • The content on your website doesn’t have to be topic-specific or go around a persona. However, it’s better to keep it niche-relevant to retain the audience on your website as long as possible.

Creating a website is a no-brainer, even for beginners. If you’ve just started doing this, we recommend you use WordPress — a free website builder. But first, you need to buy a hosting server, register a domain name, and then install WordPress. That’s how you build a website from scratch.

Also, to earn organic traffic, you need to get some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) know-how. Doing SEO for your website will increase its chance of getting more visible on top search engine result pages.

Then it’s time to craft content. Below are some popular affiliate content formats to consider.

  • Top list: ranks multiple products in a list without going into so much detail about each one.
  • Product review: examines all aspects of a product, including the pros and cons, benefits, pricing, etc.
  • How-to guides:

Use An Automated Affiliate Marketing Website

An automated affiliate marketing website is how you can do affiliate marketing without creating content yourself. It’s simply a method in which you recycle other websites’ content into different formats, such as Ebooks and videos. For example, Designrr is a tool that can help you create, edit, and launch beautiful Ebooks based on the provided content.

The advantage of an automated affiliate marketing website is obviously that you’re free from creating unique content from scratch. That also helps you avoid algorithms from the search engine and saves you a lot of time.

Before doing this, you should ask the content owners to give you permission to remake their content.

Use Paid Traffic

Paid traffic allows you to earn traffic from the right target audience at the fastest pace with the least effort. However, it may require a lot from your marketing budget since it usually comes from online ads. But don’t worry. As long as you have careful, smart strategies for your ad campaigns, you’ll get more than what they cost.

A paid advertising platform like Google AdWords is the best way to get this type of traffic. It’s easy to use and trustworthy for being a product from Google. If you have a website and a credit card, you always have the right to use this platform.

To generate paid traffic effectively, pick the right keyword to bid on and the right time to kickstart the ad. In addition, don’t hesitate to scale your ad budget once you see a rise in its performance. That’s how print-on-demand sellers make millions of dollars during peak seasons while they’re on vacation.

Built An Email List

Email marketing is the best way to get closer to your audience, and it benefits you directly when it comes to affiliate marketing.

However, this way requires you to have a customer database already. You can create your email list through your blog website by making a squeeze page that collects potential customers’ email addresses. A tool like MailChimp can help you do so.

Using Content Publishing Platforms

Content platforms are places you can make your own blog without creating a website. Great examples of content platforms are Steemit and Medium. According to our research, Medium is the best platform for writers so far, with millions of engaged users.

If you’re passionate about writing and want to make affiliate income from it, content platforms are worthwhile options. Your published content on such platforms can be indexed by search engines, so make sure you add some SEO tactics to it.

In short, affiliate marketing without social media is possible and quicker to convert. The best part about it lies in the fact that you don’t need thousands of followers on the internet to create an impact. All you need is a website with great content and that’s all. Dynu In Media wishes you good luck with your affiliate business!

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