Sweepstakes Affiliate Marketing and Ways to Make Money While Sleeping!

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Are you an affiliate marketer and on the way to discover Sweepstakes affiliate marketing? Congrats on landing in the correct spot! It’s true that Sweepstakes is a hot profitable (and of course, evergreen) vertical that any affiliate wants to conquer. 

But.., what exactly Sweepstakes is and what makes it stand out so much in affiliate marketing? Dynu In Media got you covered. Here we go all about Sweepstakes affiliate marketing that you should know before promoting!

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What are Sweepstakes in marketing?

Sweepstakes or Sweeps is a word used for diverse offers that present users with the opportunity to win awesome prizes and all they have to do is fill out an online form.

And the same in affiliate marketing, Sweepstakes get used for almost all offers where users have to sign up (by giving their name, phone number, email, subscription, or other valuable information for brands/advertisers) to participate. 

To say, a win-win game is a pretty good way to talk about this niche. Users can be selected randomly to win prizes, brands (advertisers) get the amount of valuable information they desire, and you -as an affiliate marketer, also have a certain portion of commission in this game.

Sweepstakes Affiliate Marketing | Dynu In Media
Sweepstakes Affiliate Marketing

The Sweepstakes vertical in this field has shown favorable results and has been considered one of the longest-running niches for years.

So how about Sweepstake affiliate marketer? 

Just think about who actively promotes these offers through channels of their own. They are engaging visitors by reminding them about the fantastic chance that’s sitting right before their eyes.

Desire to develop yourself in this industry? Read more valuable information about Sweepstakes Affiliate Marketing right below!

How does Sweepstake Affiliate Marketing work?

Most often, Sweeps are really easy to convert, which is why this vertical should be on the list of all newbie affiliate marketers. Sweepstakes just requires the players to insert their basic data by signing up or completing an action to win a prize (like electronic gadgets including iPhone/iPad/etc., coupons, homeware, or even travel vouchers) and that is it. 

There are three main types of Sweepstakes in total including SOI (Single Opt-In), DOI (Double Opt-In), and CC Submit (Credit Card Submit). More details here: Sweepstakes Offers

Tips to choose the right Sweepstake offer

A clear checklist is necessary to run smoothly this kind of vertical.

Similar to a lottery, the essential idea behind a Sweepstake is easy to grasp (i.e. select winners), but the difficult thing here is to understand all the other factors that affect your campaign and how they influence your ads’ performance.

Checklist for Choosing a Sweepstake Offer | Dynu In Media
Checklist for Choosing a Sweepstake Offer

So read this list carefully as below!

Select the Right Conversion Flow

Maybe you missed this fact; Sweepstakes vertical has different conversion flows. For more details about those formats, read this post by us: Sweepstakes offers.

You may probably wonder how to choose an ideal flow. Well to say, it definitely depends on your level of expertise. 

SOI (single opt-in) offers are the best fit for newbies, which don’t require huge budgets in the very first steps but can make a significant return. Some basic skills you have to run fluently in this flow of Sweepstakes are CTA crafting and image sourcing. 

DOI (double opt-in) or CC Submit (credit card submit) are the two favorite flows of experienced affiliates who can usually maneuver most formats to produce the best results.

Find the Best GEO for You

When it comes to picking GEOs, Tier-3 countries are where newbies should stick to since they are easier to convert; However, along with this, lower payout. 

On the other hand, affiliates who are confident and seasoned enough can try to run on Tier-1 ones, which are harder to convert but have higher payouts. In these countries, even SOI formats have a high-profit margin.

Choose the Offer Based on the Quality of the Product

One thing that you probably already know, the reward or prize which’s being offered in the Sweepstakes will also determine how successful your campaign is. 

So instead of picking an offer that you think is cool enough, look at the target audience and the area (GEOs) you’re going to focus on, then figure out what they are interested in the most. The better you understand your customer’s insights, the higher your chances of success.

Pay close attention to the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are also important when it comes to running Sweeps and of course, should be paid close attention to.

Lemme tell you some details:

As we all know not all offers have capping, but if you choose one that does, sure you have to cut off traffic after you hit the daily limit, or you will have to pay for traffic which will not generate any profit. So verifying the capping on the offer before picking will help you maintain costs as low as possible.

The second one, mobile vs. desktop campaigns are different in some aspects that you should keep in mind (e.g. The frequency of user engagement on mobile will be more), so define your Sweepstakes campaign objective on each device type before launching.

How to promote Sweepstakes offer

Read this far; maybe it’s time for you to turn your ideas into action. 

Now let me know how do you think Sweepstake offers will be promoted?

To tell the truth, the core recipes of converting Sweepstakes offers always leave a bit of space for a creative approach.

How to promote Sweepstakes offer | Dynu In Media
How to promote Sweepstakes offer

Promote Sweepstakes via Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the thing we wanna showcase first.

In this way of promoting the Sweepstakes offer, send users a “private message” via Push Notification to start the communication. Try to engage them in a few simple actions on the pre-lander (i.e. a short test, a questionnaire, or a game). Then after the users have already spent their time and emotions in your process, offer them to join the contest for the desired prize. 

This technique can also be used for the native format, just try to replace the first step with the Native Ads stage.

Promote Sweepstakes via Native Ads

A teasing ad copy combined with an appealing banner is a perfect way to attract your potential customers as well. Try to tell them a story of getting an expensive gadget or any other favored item for free or almost for free.

It’s a fact that convinces your target audience that winning a prize is accessible and easy to anyone not except them. Then, just bring out the CTA (call to action) and lead them to your registration form.

Promote Sweepstakes via Onclick

Onclicks: The classic one.

This way of promoting the Sweepstakes offer prevails thanks to its interactivity. That said, it can replace a pre-landing page. Fewer steps don’t always mean less profit.

Sweepstakes affiliate programs

Joining some Sweepstakes CPA networks and finding quality promotional offers is definitely an ideal way for you to make money online in this field. Best Sweepstakes CPA network allows you to earn a stable passive income and afford a great deal of flexibility.

In case you don’t know, in Dynu In Media, we specialize in providing high-quality and easy-to-convert Sweep offers.

Have a look and pick your some!

Sweepstakes Affiliate Marketing | Dynu In Media
Sweepstakes programs | Dynu In Media

Being known as one of the best Sweepstakes affiliate networks, we always pursue the win-win value that “Give your trust, Get your value”. 

Sometimes you just need to pick us, breathe, and see what happens. We take pride in both the quantity and quality of our offers

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Hope this post about Sweepstakes Affiliate Marketing helps you a lot in getting its definition and practical application. So if you have a channel with quality traffic, try to turn your intentions into action as soon as possible! Dynu In Media wishes you success!

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