What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing? 6 Ways To Boost Your Affiliate

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What is EPC in affiliate marketingEPC, or Earnings Per Click, is a key metric used to measure the performance of an affiliate partner’s campaigns. Get to know EPC – and how it affects your earnings. Get started with Dynu In Media today!

What Is Epc In Affiliate Marketing
What Is Epc In Affiliate Marketing

What Does EPC Mean in Affiliate Marketing?

First and foremost, dive into the definition of EPC in affiliate marketing. “Earnings per click” (EPC) is a term in affiliate marketing that refers to the sum of money you bring in whenever a visitor clicks on one of your affiliate links. Ads that charge a fee each time someone clicks on them are the mainstay of pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate marketing.

Yet, the EPC affiliate meaning is the most critical indicator of success in affiliate marketing.

Affiliates, who can drive a lot of traffic to your items, will find this information invaluable because it helps them immediately evaluate how your offerings can fit into their own marketing plans.

To avoid confusion, “EPC” and “affiliate commission” are two different concepts. It’s a formula for calculating the worth of all of your clicks.

Why Is Earning Per Click (EPC) Important?

In the meantime, many affiliate marketers may be unfamiliar with EPC but be familiar with another common marketing term: “Cost per click” (CPC).

As a result, they look for products with the lowest CPC, promote that affiliate link with pricey pay-per-click ads, and cross their fingers that the revenue from those ads more than covers their outlay.

Yet, you can eliminate the requirement for faith in the future by calculating EPC with precision. You may use the data to make educated selections and even narrow in on affiliate products with a greater cost per click.

Simply put, the CPC is useless information once you have your EPC. To rephrase, profitability requires a steady surplus of income over expenditures.

How is EPC Calculated?

Next, let’s discover how to calculate EPC. You can learn more about the effectiveness of your traffic and affiliate deals by calculating their EPC.

What is the formula to calculate EPC? By dividing your total commission by the number of clicks you’ve sent to an offer, you can easily get your EPC.

EPC = Commission / Clicks.

For example: Over the previous 30 days, you have collected $50,000 in affiliate commissions.

In addition, your offers have been clicked on 5,000 times.

Hence, your EPC is $0.10, or 10 cents.

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your EPC In Affiliate Marketing

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your EPC In Affiliate Marketing
6 Easy Ways to Improve Your EPC In Affiliate Marketing

Here are 6 easy ways to improve your EPC in affiliate marketing. Let’s check:

  • Non-Intrusive Floating Bar Target: Popups transform passive traffic into buyers when implemented properly. User-friendly pop-ups include floating bars. So, many global brands employ them on their websites.
  • Blog with Affiliate Links: Once you have a constant blog page on your website, you can start writing affiliate product content with value in mind. Then, embed affiliate links in the article to boost sales.
  • Email Series for Affiliate Marketing: EPC marketing can be improved with affiliate email marketing sequences. Spam emails lower open rates; thus, email service providers don’t want them. You merely need to make sure your email series doesn’t look spammy. Provide value in your articles and promote your affiliate products.
  • Focus on Fast Hosting: Most affiliate marketers don’t realize that EPC depends on keeping visitors on your site. Keep your hosting quick and stable to attract more visitors and increase affiliate link hits and EPC.
  • Link to the Highest Bidder: EPC rises with market rivalry. Earnings per click rise with market competitiveness. To maximize link revenue, online publications must link to the highest-paying merchant.
  • Convert Abandoning Exit-Intent Visitors: First, re-engaging is a digital marketing jewel. Your affiliate goods can have a tailored exit-intent popup on your website. If a visitor leaves a page, a popup will appear. Your exit popup will feature an offer and a button that links to your affiliate products. If your audience buys, you profit.

With your newfound understanding of EPC in affiliate marketing, you can begin working to improve your program’s performance in this field. Don’t forget to use the aforementioned advice to convene your affiliate team and discuss which levers may be pulled to gradually enhance this and draw additional affiliate partners to your program.

However, if you are looking for an affiliate network with diverse verticals, diverse ads models, high payout (high EPC), or diverse traffic types, Dynu In Media suits your needs. Feel free to contact us via our social media information at the button on this page. Finally, we wish you success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good EPC in affiliate marketing?

Simply put, your earnings per click are good if they exceed your cost per click.

However, the optimal EPC can vary greatly from one market and offer type to another. You will learn what makes an excellent EPC if you have worked in a particular field for a while. Determining an appropriate EPC for a certain market or product will take a few months.

What is the difference between CPC and EPC?

Cost per click (CPC) is used to price several PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising models like Google AdWords. Affiliate marketing uses EPC (Earnings per 100 clicks) to calculate an affiliate’s average earnings per 100 clicks over 7 days.

What is 7 day EPC?

The 7-Day EPC calculates the typical earnings per click over the previous week. If you make $50 in a week and get 1,000 clicks, your average per-click profits are 50 cents.

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